Appendix 3

Roman Units Serving in Britannia

The Roman Legions of Britain

Legio II Augusta – The Second Augustan Legion

Legio II Adiutrix Pia Fidelis – The Second Legion, the Rescuer, Loyal and Faithful

Legio VI Victrix – The Sixth Victorious Legion

Legio VII Gemina – The Seventh Twin Legion

Legio VIII Augusta – The Eighth Augustan Legion

Legio IX Hispana – The Ninth Spanish Legion

Legio XIV Gemina – The Fourteenth Twin Legion

Legio XX Valeria – The Twentieth Legion, Valiant and Victorious

Legio XXII Deiotariana – The Twenty-Second Deiotarian Legion

Legio XXII Primigenia – The Twenty-Second Firstborn Legion

Selected Auxiliary Cavalry Wings (alae) of Britain

This gives a good picture of the diverse provenance of the alae:

Ala I Hispanorum Asturum – The first Spanish Wing of Astures

Ala Gallorum Indiana – Indus’ Wing of Gauls

Ala I Herculaea – The first Herculean Wing

Ala I Thracum – The first Wing of Thracians

Ala I Tungrorum – The First Tungrian Wing

Ala Hispanorum Vettonum – The Spanish Wing of Vettones

Ala Augusta Vocontiorum – The August Wing of Vocontii

Formations, Mounted Units, Companies and Detachments – and Source

Cuneus Frisiavonum Vercovicensium – The Formation of Frisians from Vercovicium

Equites Catafractariorum – The Heavily Armoured Horsemen

Equites Crispianorum – The Crispian Horsemen Equites Dalmatarum Branodunensium – The Dalmatian Horsemen of Branodunum

Equites stablesianorum Gariannonensium – The Horsemen from the Stables at Gariannum

Milites Tungrecanorum – The Soldiers of the Tungrecani

Numerus Defensorum – The Company of Guards

Numerus Directorum – The Company of Upright Men

Numerus Equitum Sarmatarum – The Company of Sarmatian Horsemen

Numerus Exploratorum Bremenio – The Company of Scouts from Bremenium

Numerus Exploratorum Habitanco – The Company of Scouts from Habitancum

Numerus Fortensium – The Company of Brave Men

Numerus Hnaudifridi – The Company of Hnaudifridius

Numerus Longovicanorum – The Company from Longovicium

Numerus Maurorum Aurelianorum – The Company of Aurelian’s own Mauri

Numerus Superventientium Petueriensium – The Company of Newcomers from Petuaria

Numerus Syrorum Saggitariorum – The Company of Syrian Archers

Numerus Barcariorum Tigrisiensium – The Company of Tigris Bargemen

Numerus Vigilum – The Company of Watchmen

Venatores Bannienses – The Hunters from Banna

Vexillatio Germanorum Voredis – The Detachment of Germans from Voreda

Vexillatio Equitata Provincae Germaniae – The part-mounted Detachment from the German Provinces

Vexillatio Raetorum et Noricorum – The Detachment from Raetia and Noricum

Vexillatio Sueborum Longovicanorum – The Detachment of Suebi from Longovicium

The information above owes everything to M. G. Jarrett ‘Non-legionary troops in Roman Britain: Part One, The Units’ Britannia Volume XXV. The definitive list of British auxiliary units.

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