Appendix 9

Typical cursus honorum in the First Century AD

Ten years military service in cavalry or on the political staff of a relative or friend.

Minimum Age

30quaestor (8–12 in number): financial admin in Rome, or in a province, as second-in-command to the governor.

tribune of the plebs(10): preside over the concilium plebis.

36aedile (4, 2 curule and 2 plebeian): admin role in Rome; responsible for the corn supply, festivals etc.; optional.

39praetor (6): judicial role in Rome; in charge of provinces not allocated to consuls; commanded one legion and allies.

40consul (2): governed larger provinces and held major commands in all wars; led two legions and two allied alae. Other roles: to preside over the senate and assemblies.

censor: magistracy held by most distinguished ex-consuls. Two in office for five years; function: to carry out the census.

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