Appendix 10

Roman Assemblies


Three hundred members regulated by the censors. Members were from the eighteen senior centuries, i.e. they had property worth more than 400,000 HS. Role was to advise magistrates, especially the consuls.

Concilium Plebis

Made up of plebeians; divided into thirty-five tribes; membership based on ancestry; role was to elect the tribune and the aedile; passed laws.

Comitia Tributa

Made up of citizens, including patricians; role as above, but elected curule aediles and quaestors.

Comitia Centuriata

Comprised citizens divided into 193 voting centuries; originally formed from citizen militia, with membership based on possession of military equipment. Presided over by a consul or praetor. Function: election of consuls, praetors, and censors; declarations of war and ratification of peace treaties.

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