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Carpocrates, Marcellina, and Epiphanes

Carpocrates, Marcellina, and Epiphanes

Carpocrates, Marcellina, and Epiphanes is the definitive study of the early Christian theologian Carpocrates, his son Epiphanes, and the leader of the Carpocratian movement in Rome, Marcellina.

It contains the first full-length study of and commentary on the fragments of Epiphanes, the earliest reports on Carpocrates and Marcellina, as well as the Epistle to Theodore (containing the so-called Secret Gospel of Mark). Readers also encounter an up-to-date history of research on the Carpocratian movement, and three full profiles of all we can know from the earliest Carpocratian leaders. Written in an accessible style, but based on the most careful historical and linguistic research, this volume is a landmark, helping to redefine the field of early Christian history.

Carpocrates, Marcellina, and Epiphanes is a welcome addition to the libraries of all students of early Christian theology, researchers investigating early Christian diversity, and scholars of Gnostic, Nag Hammadi and related materials.


Chapter 1. Text, translation, and commentary on Epiphanes, On Justice

Chapter 2. Commentary on the earliest Carpocrates reports

Chapter 3. Carpocratianism in the Epistle to Theodore

Conclusion: Contextualizing Carpocrates, Epiphanes, and Marcellina: An Attempt at a Profile

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