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Daily Life of Women in Ancient Egypt

Daily Life of Women in Ancient Egypt

Readable and scholarly, this up-to-date book covers every aspect of the life of women in ancient Egypt.

This book focuses on the life of women in ancient Egypt, while also putting forth a vast array of information about ancient Egyptians in general. Readers begin with a short but thorough introduction to the three great periods of Pharaonic civilization: the Old Kingdom, the Middle Kingdom, and the New Kingdom. Main chapters include the newest evidence scholars have uncovered at important archeological sites in ancient Egypt.

The scope of this book is wide and all inclusive, even though it is focused on the life of ancient Egyptian women. The topics in the book cover a vast amount of the knowledge we have about the ancient Egyptians, including material on architecture, art, law, education, medicine, food, religion, music, and spiritual beliefs. It is important to point out that royal women are only discussed in one chapter, so that more "ordinary" ancient Egyptians are the focus of the book. This book is also designed to be readable for people without any background knowledge of the time period. Any reader interested in ancient Egypt will discover a great deal of material.


Timeline of Events


Chapter 1. Society and Family Life

Chapter 2. Work, Economy, and Law

Chapter 3. Literacy, Education, and Health

Chapter 4. Personal Property

Chapter 5. Entertainment

Chapter 6. The Life of Royal Women

Chapter 7. Religious Life and the Afterlife

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