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Lords of the Sea: The Epic Story of the Athenian Navy and the Birth of Democracy

Lords of the Sea: The Epic Story of the Athenian Navy and the Birth of Democracy

The epic true story of Themistocles and the Battle of Salamis, and a rousing history of the world's first dominant navy and the towering empire it built

The Athenian Navy was one of the finest fighting forces in the history of the world. It engineered a civilization, empowered the world's first democracy, and led a band of ordinary citizens on a voyage of discovery that altered the course of history. With Lords of the Sea, renowned archaeologist John R. Hale presents, for the first time, the definitive history of the epic battles, the fearsome ships, and the men-from extraordinary leaders to seductive rogues-that established Athens's supremacy. With a scholar's insight and a storyteller's flair, Hale takes us on an unforgettable voyage with these heroes, their turbulent careers, and far-flung expeditions, bringing back to light a forgotten maritime empire and its majestic legacy.



Part One - FREEDOM

Chapter 1. One Man, One Vision [483 B.C.]

Chapter 2. Building the Fleet [483 - 481 B.C.]

Chapter 3. The Wooden Wall [481-480 B.C.]

Chapter 4. Holding the Pass [SUMMER , 480 B.C.]

Chapter 5. Salamis [END OF SUMMER, 480 B.C.]


Chapter 6. A League of Their Own [479-463 B.C.]

Chapter 7. Boundless Ambition [462-446 B.C.]

Chapter 8 Mariners of the Golden Age [MID-FIFTH CENTURY B.C.]

Part Three - EMPIRE

Chapter 9. The Imperial Navy [446-433 B.C.]

Chapter 10. War and Pestilence [433-430 B.C.]

Chapter 11. Fortune Favors the Brave [430-428 B.C.]

Chapter 12. Masks of Comedy, Masks of Command [428-421 B.C.]

Chapter 13. The Sicilian Expedition [415-413 B.C.]


Chapter 14. The Rogue’s Return [412-407 B.C.]

Chapter 15. Of Heroes and Hemlock [407-406 B.C.]

Chapter 16. Rowing to Hades [405-399 B.C.]

Part Five - REBIRTH

Chapter 17. Passing the Torch [397-371 B.C.]

Chapter 18. Triremes of Atlantis [370-354 B.C.]

Chapter 19. The Voice of the Navy [354-339 B.C.]

Chapter 20. In the Shadow of Macedon [339 -324 B.C.]

Chapter 21. The Last Battle [324-322 B.C.]






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