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The History of the Ancient World: From the Earliest Accounts to the Fall of Rome

The History of the Ancient World: From the Earliest Accounts to the Fall of Rome

This is the first volume in a bold new series that tells the stories of all peoples, connecting historical events from Europe to the Middle East to the far coast of China, while still giving weight to the characteristics of each country.

Susan Wise Bauer provides both sweeping scope and vivid attention to the individual lives that give flesh to abstract assertions about human history.

Dozens of maps provide a clear geography of great events, while timelines give the reader an ongoing sense of the passage of years and cultural interconnection. This narrative history employs the methods of “history from beneath”—literature, epic traditions, private letters and accounts—to connect kings and leaders with the lives of those they ruled. The result is an engrossing tapestry of human behavior from which we may draw conclusions about the direction of world events and the causes behind them.




Chapter One - The Origin of Kingship

Chapter Two - The Earliest Story

Chapter Three - The Rise of Aristocracy

Chapter Four - The Creation of Empire

Chapter Five - The Age of Iron

Chapter Six - The Philosopher King

Part Two - FIRSTS

Chapter Seven - The First Written Records

Chapter Eight - The First War Chronicles

Chapter Nine - The First Civil War

Chapter Ten - The First Epic Hero

Chapter Eleven - The First Victory over Death

Chapter Twelve - The First Reformer

Chapter Thirteen - The First Military Dictator

Chapter Fourteen - The First Planned Cities

Chapter Fifteen - The First Collapse of Empire

Chapter Sixteen - The First Barbarian Invasions

Chapter Seventeen - The First Monotheist

Chapter Eighteen - The First Environmental Disaster

Part Three - STRUGGLE

Chapter Nineteen - The Battle for Reunification

Chapter Twenty - The Mesopotamian Mixing Bowl

Chapter Twenty-One - The Overthrow of the Xia

Chapter Twenty-Two - Hammurabi’s Empire

Chapter Twenty-Three - The Hyksos Seize Egypt

Chapter Twenty-Four - King Minos of Crete

Chapter Twenty-Five - The Harappan Disintegration

Chapter Twenty-Six - The Rise of the Hittites

Chapter Twenty-Seven - Ahmose Expels the Hyksos

Chapter Twenty-Eight - Usurpation and Revenge

Chapter Twenty-Nine - The Three-Way Contest

Chapter Thirty - The Shifting Capitals of the Shang

Chapter Thirty-One - The Mycenaeans of Greece

Chapter Thirty-Two - Struggle of the Gods

Chapter Thirty-Three - Wars and Marriages

Chapter Thirty-Four - The Greatest Battle in Very Ancient Times

Chapter Thirty-Five - The Battle for Troy

Chapter Thirty-Six - The First Historical King of China

Chapter Thirty-Seven - The Rig Veda

Chapter Thirty-Eight - The Wheel Turns Again

Chapter Thirty-Nine - The End of the New Kingdom

Chapter Forty - The Dark Age of Greece

Chapter Forty-One - The Dark Age of Mesopotamia

Chapter Forty-Two - The Fall of the Shang

Part Four - EMPIRES

Chapter Forty-Three - The Mandate of Heaven

Chapter Forty-Four - The Bharata War

Chapter Forty-Five - The Son of David

Chapter Forty-Six - From Western to Eastern Zhou

Chapter Forty-Seven - The Assyrian Renaissance

Chapter Forty-Eight - New Peoples

Chapter Forty-Nine - Trading Posts and Colonies

Chapter Fifty - Old Enemies

Chapter Fifty-One - Kings of Assyria and Babylon

Chapter Fifty-Two - Spectacular Defeat

Chapter Fifty-Three - The Decline of the King

Chapter Fifty-Four - The Assyrians in Egypt

Chapter Fifty-Five - Medes and Persians

Chapter Fifty-Six - Conquest and Tyranny

Chapter Fifty-Seven - The Beginnings and End of Empire

Chapter Fifty-Eight - A Brief Empire

Chapter Fifty-Nine - Cyrus the Great

Chapter Sixty - The Republic of Rome

Chapter Sixty-One - Kingdoms and Reformers

Chapter Sixty-Two - The Power of Duty and the Art of War

Chapter Sixty-Three - The Spreading Persian Empire

Chapter Sixty-Four - The Persian Wars

Part Five - IDENTITY

Chapter Sixty-Five - The Peloponnesian Wars

Chapter Sixty-Six - The First Sack of Rome

Chapter Sixty-Seven - The Rise of the Ch’in

Chapter Sixty-Eight - The Macedonian Conquerors

Chapter Sixty-Nine - Rome Tightens Its Grasp

Chapter Seventy - Alexander and the Wars of the Successors

Chapter Seventy-One - The Mauryan Epiphany

Chapter Seventy-Two - First Emperor, Second Dynasty

Chapter Seventy-Three - The Wars of the Sons

Chapter Seventy-Four - Roman Liberators and Seleucid Conquerors

Chapter Seventy-Five - Between East and West

Chapter Seventy-Six - Breaking the System

Chapter Seventy-Seven - The Problems of Prosperity

Chapter Seventy-Eight - New Men

Chapter Seventy-Nine - Empire

Chapter Eighty - Eclipse and Restoration

Chapter Eighty-One - The Problem of Succession

Chapter Eighty-Two - The Edges of the Roman World

Chapter Eighty-Three - Children on the Throne

Chapter Eighty-Four - The Mistake of Inherited Power

Chapter Eighty-Five - Savior of the Empire


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