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The Complete Cities of Ancient Egypt

The Complete Cities of Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egyptian cities and towns have until recently been one of the least- studied and least-published aspects of this great ancient civilization. Now new research and excavation are transforming our knowledge. The Complete Cities of Ancient Egypt is the first book to bring these latest discoveries to a wide general and scholarly audience, and to provide a comprehensive overview of what we know about ancient settlement during the dynastic period. Divided in two halves, the book opens with an account of the development of urban settlement in Egypt, describing the pattern of urban life, from food production, government, crime and health to schooling, leisure, ancient tourism, and the interaction of the living community with the dead. The second half of the book takes the reader on a trip down the Nile from Aswan to the Delta, giving a comprehensive account of all cities and towns with details for each of their discovery, excavation and important finds, supported by maps and plans as well as recent photographs. This book is sure to appeal to all those concerned with urban design and history, as well as tourists, students and Egyptophiles.


Chapter 1. Urban Life in Ancient Egypt

Part One - The Rise of the City

Chapter 2. What is a City?

Chapter 3. The Origins of Urbanism in Egypt

Chapter 4. The Location of Cities

Chapter 5. Building the City

Chapter 6. Egyptian Words for Towns and Cities

Chapter 7. Estimating Population

Part Two - Cities for Kings and Gods

Chapter 8. Palaces

Chapter 9. Fortified Cities

Chapter 10. Temple and City

Part Three - Cities for People

Chapter 11. City Government

Chapter 12. Towns and Houses of the Middle Kingdom

Chapter 13. Towns and Houses of the New Kingdom

Chapter 14. Country Houses

Chapter 15. Community Centres

Chapter 16. Feeding and Supplying the City

Chapter 17. Working Life

Chapter 18. Water and Sanitation

Chapter 19. Schools

Chapter 20. Crime in the City

Chapter 21. Leisure

Chapter 22. Tourism

Chapter 23. Death in the City

Part Four - Graeco-Roman Egypt

Chapter 24. The Classical City in Egypt

Chapter 25. Alexandria ad Aegyptum

Chapter 26. The Faiyum in the Graeco-Roman Period

Chapter 27. Middle Egypt in the Graeco-Roman Period

Part Five - Gazetteer of Cities and Towns of Ancient Egypt

Chapter 28. Elephantine and Aswan

Chapter 29. Southern Egypt

Chapter 30. Thebes

Chapter 31. The Theban/Coptite Region

Chapter 32. Middle Egypt

Chapter 33. Amarna – The Complete City?

Chapter 34. Other Middle Egyptian Cities

Chapter 35. The Faiyum

Chapter 36. Memphis – The Shifting City

Chapter 37. Heliopolis – City of the Sun

Chapter 38. The Memphite Region

Chapter 39. The Delta - Cities of the Canopic Branch

Chapter 40. The Delta - Cities of the Rosetta Branch

Chapter 41. The Delta - Cities of the Damietta Branch

Chapter 42. The Delta - Cities of the Pelusiac Branch

Chapter 43. The Delta - Fortress-Towns of the Eastern Delta and Wadi Tumilat

Chapter 44. Northern Sinai

Chapter 45. The Oases

Chapter 46. The Mediterranean Coast

Chapter 47. Nubia

Epilogue – Lost Cities



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