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454 - Birth of Malgis, founder of the farm on Mt. Helikon

431 - War between Athens and Sparta breaks out. Thebes joins the Spartans.

424 - Battle of Delion. Malgis becomes famous for his bravery in the battle.

423 - Thebes levels the walls of Thespiai.

423 - Malgis scouts out Mt. Helikon and begins to carve out a farm with his father Antander.

422 - Battle of Amphipolis. Sixteen-year-old Gorgos fights for the Spartans under Brasidas.

420 - First visits of Alkidamas to the farm on Mt. Helikon

419 - Birth of Mêlon, son of Malgis

415–13 - Malgis campaigns in Sikily with the Spartans, leaves his father Antander in charge of the new farm.

413 - First visit of young Lichas to the farm in search of Mêlon

412 - Death of Antander; Malgis plants the high vineyards in Sikilian fashion.

404 - Malgis and young Mêlon raid the Attic borderlands; the Peloponnesian War ends.

401–400 - Malgis fights with the Ten Thousand in Asia Minor.

399 - Malgis on his way home at Chios buys Chiôn from a Spartan trader.

395 - Boiotians defeat the Spartans at Haliartos. Malgis strips the armor of the dead Lysander.

394 - Thebans battle the Spartans at the Nemea River and Koroneia. Gorgos is captured at Nemea. Death of Malgis at Koroneia.

389 - Mêlon buys the child Nêto from a Spartan trader.

380 - Kleombrotos becomes the Agiad king at Sparta.

379 - Pelopidas and other Thebans expel the Spartans and establish a democracy for the Boiotians.

378 - The Spartan king Agesilaos invades Boiotia.

377 - Boiotia is invaded again by Agesilaos.

375 - Thebes beats Sparta in a small battle at Boiotian Tegyra.

371 The Great Year


Spartans invade Boiotia. Battle of Leuktra and defeat of the Spartans


Monument at Leuktra is begun. Proxenos and Ainias work on walls of Thespiai and continue visits to the rising walls at Mantineia.


Phrynê moves back to Thespiai. Foundations are established of Megalopolis.



Uprising at Messenia is begun by Nikôn and Doreios.


Nêto and Erinna leave for the Peloponnesos; Chiôn marries Damô.


Nêto and Erinna arrive in Messenia.


Muster of the Boiotians, arrival in the Peloponnesos. Fight at the Eurotas. Voyage of the Theôris to Messenia



Epaminondas, with the Argive and Theban armies, heads over Mt. Taygetos to Messenia; Chiôn disappears on Mt. Taygetos. The walls of Messenê rise on Mt. Ithômê. The Thebans head home.


Second invasion of the Peloponnesos by Epaminondas.


Epaminondas invades the Peloponnesos a third time.


Pelopidas dies in battle at Cynoscephalai in Thessaly.


Final Boiotian invasion of the Peloponnesos; Mêlon and Epaminondas die on Skopê after the Theban victory at Mantineia.

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