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Blood Sisters: The Women Behind the Wars of the Roses

Blood Sisters: The Women Behind the Wars of the Roses

The Wars of the Roses, which tore apart the ruling Plantagenet family in fifteenth-century England, was truly a domestic drama, as fraught and intimate as any family feud before or since. But as acclaimed historian Sarah Gristwood reveals, while the events of this turbulent time are usually described in terms of the men who fought and died seeking the throne, a handful of powerful women would prove just as decisive as their kinfolks’ clashing armies. A richly drawn, absorbing epic, Blood Sisters reveals how women helped to end the Wars of the Roses, paving the way for the Tudor age—and the creation of modern England.





Prologue: February 1503

PART ONE: 1445–1461

Chapter 1: Fatal Marriage

Chapter 2: The Red Rose and the White

Chapter 3: A Woman’s Fear

Chapter 4: No Women’s Matters

Chapter 5: Captain Margaret

Chapter 6: Mightiness Meets Misery

PART TWO: 1461–1471

Chapter 7: To Love a King

Chapter 8: Fortune’s Pageant

Chapter 9: Domestic Broils

Chapter 10: That Was a Queen

PART THREE: 1471–1483

Chapter 11: My Lovely Queen

Chapter 12: Fortune’s Womb

Chapter 13: Mother of Griefs

Chapter 14: A Golden Sorrow

PART FOUR: 1483–1485

Chapter 15: Weeping Queens

Chapter 16: Innocent Blood

Chapter 17: Letters to Richmond

Chapter 18: Anne My Wife

Chapter 19: In Bosworth Field

PART FIVE: 1485–1509

Chapter 20: True Succeeders

Chapter 21: Golden Sovereignty

Chapter 22: The Edge of Traitors

Chapter 23: Civil Wounds

Chapter 24: Like a Queen Inter Me

Chapter 25: Our Noble Mother




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