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Lenin: A New Biography

Lenin: A New Biography

For years, westerners have wondered what secrets were preserved not only in the KGB archives, but also in dozens of other off-limits locations. Now that Dmitri Volkogonov, historian and former general in the Soviet Army, has been entrusted with the management of the archives as a Special Assistant to Boris Yeltsin, we at last have a chance to find out. For the last three years he has combed through more than 3700 once-secret documents covering every piece of information in the archive system concerning Vladimir Ilyitch Lenin and his legacy. He has woven this mountain of information into a compelling story of the Soviet founding father and the system he created.

Chronological Table


Chapter 1: Distant Sources

Chapter 2: Master of the Order

Chapter 3: The Scar of October

Chapter 4: Priests of Terror

Chapter 5: Lenin's Entourage

Chapter 6: The One-Dimensional Society

Chapter 7: The Mausoleum of Leninism

Postscript: Defeat in Victory


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