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My intention when I embarked on the feat of writing this book was to produce an entertaining, reasonably short and easy to digest history of France’s most infamous Queen, which would hopefully provide readers with an interesting introduction to her life. I consulted several books while writing and have listed some of the most useful here in the hopes that it might inspire more reading.

Marie Antoinette - Ian Dunlop

Marie Antoinette - Joan Haslip

Marie Antoinette: The Last Queen of France - Evelyne Lever

Marie Antoinette: The Journey - Antonia Fraser

Louis and Antoinette - Vincent Cronin

Marie Antoinette - André Castelot

Imperial Mother, Royal Daughter - Olivier Bernier

Versailles: A Biography of a Palace - Tony Spawforth

Royal Palaces of France - Ian Dunlop

Versailles - Ian Dunlop

Queen of Fashion: What Marie Antoinette Wore to the Revolution - Caroline Weber

Before the Deluge - Evelyn Farr

Memoirs of Madame de la Tour du Pin

Voices of the Revolution - Peter Vansittart

Citizens - Simon Schama

Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire - Amanda Foreman

Marie Antoinette - RMN exhibition catalogue

Madame Élisabeth: Une Princesse au Destin Tragique - exhibition catalogue

Chère Marie Antoinette - Jean Chalon

Threshold of Terror - Rodney Allen

Portraits de femmes - Olivier Blanc

Fashion Victims - Kimberly Chrisman-Campbe

La Mode à la Cour de Marie Antoinette - Juliette Trey

Madame du Barry - Joan Haslip

Madame Elisabeth - Margaret Trouncer

Blood Sisters - Marilyn Yalom

The Terror - David Andress

1789 - David Andress

The Great Nation - Colin Jones

The French Revolution - Christopher Hibbert

The Fall of the French Monarchy - Munro Price

The Lost King of France - Deborah Cadbury

Dancing on the Precipice - Caroline Moorehead

The Scented Palace - Elisabeth de Feydeau

The Untold Love Story - Evelyn Farr

The Terror - Graeme Fife

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