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The Killing of Crazy Horse

The Killing of Crazy Horse

He was the greatest Indian warrior of the nineteenth century. His victory over General Custer at the battle of Little Bighorn in 1876 was the worst defeat inflicted on the frontier Army. And the death of Crazy Horse in federal custody has remained a controversy for more than a century.

Introduction: “We’ll come for you another time”

Chapter 1: “When we were young, all we thought about was going to war”

Chapter 2: “I have always kept the oaths I made then, but Crazy Horse did not”

Chapter 3: “It is better to die young”

Chapter 4: “Crazy Horse was as fine an Indian as he ever knew”

Chapter 5: “A Sandwich Islander appears to exercise great control in the Indian councils”

Chapter 6: “Gold from the grass roots down”

Chapter 7: “We don’t want any white men here” + Photo Insert 1

Chapter 8: “The wild devils of the north”

Chapter 9: “This whole business was exceedingly distasteful to me”

Chapter 10: “I knew this village by the horses”

Chapter 11: “He is no good and should be killed”

Chapter 12: “Crook was bristling for a fight”

Chapter 13: “I give you these because they have no ears”

Chapter 14: “I found it a more serious engagement than I thought”

Chapter 15: “I am in constant dread of an attack”

Chapter 16: “General Crook ought to be hung”

Chapter 17: “You won’t get anything to eat! You won’t get anything to eat!”

Chapter 18: “When spring comes, we are going to kill them like dogs”

Chapter 19: “All the people here are in rags”

Chapter 20: “I want this peace to last forever”

Chapter 21: “I cannot decide these things for myself”

Chapter 22: “It made his heart heavy and sad to think of these things”

Chapter 23: “They were killed like wolves”

Chapter 24: “The soldiers could not go any further, and they knew that they had to die” + Photo Insert 2

Chapter 25: “It is impossible to work him through reasoning or kindness”

Chapter 26: “If you go to Washington they are going to kill you”

Chapter 27: “We washed the blood from our faces”

Chapter 28: “I can have him whenever I want him”

Chapter 29: “I am Crazy Horse! Don’t touch me!”

Chapter 30: “He feels too weak to die today”

Chapter 31: “I heard him using the brave word”

Chapter 32: “He has looked for death, and it has come”

Chapter 33: “He still mourns the loss of his son”

Chapter 34: “When I tell these things I have a pain in my heart”

Chapter 35: “I’m not telling anyone what I know about the killing of Crazy Horse”

Afterword: “No man is held in more veneration here than Crazy Horse”



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