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The Science of Leonardo: Inside the Mind of the Great Genius of the Renaissance

The Science of Leonardo: Inside the Mind of the Great Genius of the Renaissance

Leonardo da Vinci's scientific explorations were virtually unknown during his lifetime, despite their extraordinarily wide range. He studied the flight patterns of birds to create some of the first human flying machines; designed military weapons and defenses; studied optics, hydraulics, and the workings of the human circulatory system; and created designs for rebuilding Milan, employing principles still used by city planners today. Perhaps most importantly, Leonardo pioneered an empirical, systematic approach to the observation of nature-what is known today as the scientific method.Drawing on over 6,000 pages of Leonardo's surviving notebooks, acclaimed scientist and bestselling author Fritjof Capra reveals Leonardo's artistic approach to scientific knowledge and his organic and ecological worldview. In this fascinating portrait of a thinker centuries ahead of his time, Leonardo singularly emerges as the unacknowledged “father of modern science.”


Introduction: An Interpreter of Nature


Chapter 1. Infinite Grace

Chapter 2. The Universal Man

Chapter 3. The Florentine

Chapter 4. A Well-Employed Life


Chapter 5. Science in the Renaissance

Chapter 6. Science Born of Experience

Chapter 7. Geometry Done with Motion

Chapter 8. Pyramids of Light

Chapter 9. The Eye, the Senses, and the Soul

EPILOGUE: “Read me, O reader, if in my words you find delight”

Appendix: Leonardo’s Geometry of Transformations


Leonardo’s Notebooks: Facsimiles and Transcriptions

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