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With the death of her fabulously wealthy coal magnate father when she was just eleven, Mary Eleanor Bowes became the richest heiress in Britain. An ancestor of Queen Elizabeth II, Mary grew to be a highly educated young woman, winning acclaim as a playwright and botanist. Courted by a bevy of eager suitors, at eighteen she married the handsome but aloof ninth Earl of Strathmore in a celebrated, if ultimately troubled, match that forged the Bowes Lyon name. Yet she stumbled headlong into scandal when, following her husband’s early death, a charming young army hero flattered his way into the merry widow’s bed. 

Chapter 1: An Affair of Honour

Chapter 2: Downright Girlishness

Chapter 3: Passage to England

Chapter 4: A Worthy Little Woman

Chapter 5: A Black Inky Kind of Medicine

Chapter 6: Bowes and Freedom

Chapter 7: Loathsome Weeds

Chapter 8: Improper Liberties

Chapter 9: An Artful Intriguing Woman

Chapter 10: Vile Temptations

Chapter 11: Say Your Prayers

Chapter 12: The Taming of Bad Wives

Chapter 13: Out of the World



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