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Celts: A Sceptical History

Celts: A Sceptical History

The history of the Celts is the history of a misnomer. There has never been a distinct people, race or tribe claiming the name of Celtic, though remnants of different languages and cultures remain throughout Wales, Ireland, Scotland and Cornwall. The word keltoi first appears in Greek as applied generally to aliens or 'barbarians' - and theories of Celticism continue to fuel many of the prejudices and misconceptions that divide the peoples of the British Isles to this day. Often seen as unimportant or irrelevant adjuncts to English history, in The Celts Simon Jenkins offers a compelling counterargument. This is a fascinating and timely debate on who the Celts really were - or weren't - and what their legacy should be in an increasingly dis-United Kingdom.


Part One: The Myth of the Celts

Chapter 1. How Ancient Were the Britons?

Chapter 2. The Celtosceptic Dawn

Chapter 3. The East Side Story

Chapter 4. Enter the Romans

Chapter 5. The Myth of the Saxons

Chapter 6. The Shaping of Western Britain

Chapter 7. Viking Intermission

Chapter 8. Norman Arrival

Part Two: English Empire in Embryo

Chapter 9. Edwardian Rule

Chapter 10. Agony of Roses and Thistles

Chapter 11. An Empire Under Strain

Chapter 12. The Wars of the Three Kingdoms

Chapter 13. Picking Up Pieces and Papering Over Cracks

Chapter 14. Towards a New Union

Part Three: The Seeds of Dissolution

Chapter 15. A Kingdom Struggling to Unite

Chapter 16. A Scotland Transformed

Chapter 17. Do You Speak Celt?

Chapter 18. A Terrible Beauty is Born

Chapter 19. The Union Left Behind

Chapter 20. A Celtia of Sorts

Part Four: Rebirth of the Nations

Chapter 21. A Tale of Four Parliaments

Chapter 22. The Great Identity Hunt

Chapter 23. Independence Versus Federalism



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