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China Witness: Voices from a Silent Generation

China Witness: Voices from a Silent Generation

In 1912, five thousand years of feudal rule ended in China. Warlords, Western businessmen, soldiers, missionaries and Japanese all ruled China, exploited and fought one another and the Chinese. In 1949, Mao Zedong came to power.


Chapter 1: Yao Popo, or the Medicine Woman of Xingyi

Chapter 2: Two Generations of the Lin Family: the Curse of a Legend

Chapter 3: New Discoveries in Xinjiang, the World's Biggest Prison

On the Road, Interlude 1: Interview with a North-Western Taxi Driver

Chapter 4: Pioneers of China's Oil: a Distinguished Husband and Wife

Chapter 5: Acrobat: from Counter-revolutionary's Daughter to National Medal Winner

On the Road, Interlude 2: Talking to a Chinese Colleague about Tibet, Folk Customs, Tiger Stoves and the Chinese Jews

Chapter 6: Tea Houses and News Singers: Three Thousand Years of Anecdotes and Wonders

Chapter 7: Carrying on a Craft Tradition: the Qin Huai Lantern-Makers

Chapter 8: Across Mountain and Grassland: a Witness to the Long March

Chapter 9: Savouring her Blessings after Trials and Tribulations: the Woman General born in America

Interlude 3: Love Letters

On the Road, Interlude 4: Reflections Between the Lines

Chapter 10: The Policeman: A Cop who Entered the Police Force as the People's Republic was Founded

Chapter 11: The Shoe-Mender Mother: 28 Years Spent out in All Weathers

On the Road, Interlude 5: A Squall at the 4 May Memorial

Afterword: Images of My Motherland

Chinese Assistants: What China Witness meant to them


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