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Ecology of Sulawesi

Ecology of Sulawesi

The Ecology of Sulawesi is a comprehensive ecological survey of one of Indonesia's least populated and most diverse islands.

It is hoped that it will prove useful to resource managers, ecologists, environmental scientists and local government personnel, and be enlightening to Sulawesi's inhabitants and visitors.

Sulawesi is one of the least-known islands of Indonesia, and wise environmental management, including the proper assessment of environmental management, including the proper assessment of environmental impacts arising from development projects and other activities, is currently very difficult.


Chapter 1. Physical, Biological and Human Background

Chapter 2. Seashores

Chapter 3. Estuaries, Seagrass Meadows and Coral Reefs

Chapter 4. Freshwater Ecosystems

Chapter 5. Lowland Forests

Chapter 6. Specific Lowland Forest Types

Chapter 7. Mountains

Chapter 8. Caves

Chapter 9. Agroecosystems

Chapter 10. Urban Ecology

Chapter 11. Resources and the Future



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