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Appendix A - Interpretation of Soil Analysis Data.1

Appendix B. Plant family abbreviations used in the text.

* Families not revised in Flora Malesiana I up to Volume 10 part 2, or Flora Malesiana II up to Volume 1 part 3.

Appendix C. Key to the trees of mangrove and estuarine areas.1

Appendix D. Key to seagrasses.1

Figure A.1. Leaf tips of Cymodocea rofundata (left) and C. serrulata (right).

Appendix E. Keys to submerged and floating freshwater macrophytes.

Figure A.2. Examples of peltate, cordate and lanceolate leaves.

Figure A.3. Sagittaria guayanensis (left) and S. sagittifoila (right).

van Steenis, C.G.G.J. 1949a, b, 1981; Backer, C.A. 1951; van Ooststroom, S.J. 1953; den Hartog, C. 1957a, b; de Wilde, W.J.J.O. 1962; van Bruggen, H.W.E. 1971; van der Plas, F. 1971; Taylor, P. 1977; Leach, G.J. and Osborne, P.L. 1985; Pancho, J. V., Tjitrosoepomo, G. and Megia, R. 1985

Appendix F. Key to the tree ferns.1

Appendix G. Key to families.1

Figure A.4. Dorsal and side views of head of Sulawesi termite soldiers, a - Cryptotermes, b - Glyptotermes, c -Neotermes, d - Coptotermes, e - Heterotermes, f - Parrhinotermes, g - Schedorhinotermes major soldier, h - Schedorhinotermes minor soldier, i - Havilanditermes, j - Nasutitermes, k - Bulbitermes, I - Hospitalitermes, m - Pericapritermes, n - Odontotermes, o - Microcerotermes. Scale bars represent 1 mm.

Appendix H. Key to mudskippers.1

Figure A.5. a - Periophthalmodon schlosseri, b - Periophthalmus vulgaris, c -Boleophthalmus boddarti, d - Scartelaos viridis. Not to scale.

Appendix I. Key to toads and frogs.1

Figure A.6. Features of toads and frogs used in the key.

Appendix J. Key to house geckos.1

Appendix K. Key to parrots.1

Appendix L. Key to bat families.1

Appendix M. Key to fruit bats.1

Figure A.8. Detail of the first lower molars of (a) Acerodon celebensis and (b) Dobsonia crenulata.

After W. Bergmans pers. comm.

Appendix N. Data sheet for coral reef monitoring.

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