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Part 2. Might Makes Right, Right? (c.1450-1750)

This part tells of an era when those in power had the luxury of imposing political and religious ideas on the people of Europe. Explorers and conquerors spread European ideas to the New World. France struggled to establish one religion, faced battles over religion, and ultimately made a great compromise to save the country. Here you’ll find the strange but true story of the great witch hunts. This section also details the rise of two of the most powerful political forces in European history. First, the Holy Roman Empire rises to greatness and controls a continent, at least in the minds of the Holy Roman Emperors. Second, Louis XIV of France rises to the status of Sun King and rules longer than any other monarch in European history. His legacy, too, was unlike any Europe had ever seen. Other rulers tried to rule like Louis XIV, but no one even came close.

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