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Part 3: Revolutions Galore (c.1500-1800)

This part tells the story of change and how Europe dealt with that change. Traditions, dogmas, accepted doctrines, and even absolute truths were literally shattered. Scientists approached the universe from different angles and came to conclusions different from anyone who observed the world before them. The thinkers who came later applied the same rational process to analyzing problems of society and came up with conclusions that affect each of us today, contributing greatly to the foundations of modern government, modern science, and even modern religion. Agricultural innovators and hungry peasants developed new ways of producing food for an undernourished population. Over time, their discoveries and inventions produced remarkable results. This part also tells the fascinating and tragic story of the French Revolution: class struggle, economic hardship, and civil liberties, all playing a role in one of the most important events in all of European history.

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