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God: A Human History

God: A Human History

From the origins of spiritual thought to the concept of an active, engaged, divine presence that underlies all creation, Aslan examines how the idea of god arose in human evolution, was gradually personalized, endowed with human traits and emotions, and eventually transformed into a single Divine Personality: the God known today by such names as Yahweh, Father, and Allah.

Introduction: In Our Image

Part One: The Embodied Soul

Chapter One: Adam and Eve in Eden

Chapter Two: The Lord of Beasts

Chapter Three: The Face in the Tree

Part Two: The Humanized God

Chapter Four: Spears into Plows

Chapter Five: Lofty Persons

Chapter Six: The High God

Part Three: What Is God?

Chapter Seven: God Is One

Chapter Eight: God Is Three

Chapter Nine: God Is All

Conclusion: The One


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