This is very much a selective bibliography, mainly mentioning books I have used as source material, since there are literally tens of thousands of books on the railroads. Many of these are very detailed and written for a specialist audience, and have consequently not been included in this list. The list is, therefore, aimed at the general reader who wants to know more on the subjects covered in this book, rather than at a specialist audience.

I have, of course, made extensive use of my own series of six railroad history books, all published by Atlantic. The Subterranean Railway (2004, updated 2013) is the story of the London Underground, Fire and Steam (2006) covers the story of Britain’s railroads, and Blood, Iron and Gold (2008) shows how the railroads changed the world. Engines of War (2010) demonstrates the importance of railroads in wartime while The Great Railway Revolution (2012) is the story of American railroads; To the Edge of the World (2013) is the history of the world’s longest railroad, the Trans-Siberian.


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