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Nihilism and Philosophy: Nothingness, Truth and World

Nihilism and Philosophy: Nothingness, Truth and World

The question of nihilism is always a question of truth.

It is a crisis of truth that causes the experience of the nothingness of existence. What elevated truth to this existential position? The answer is: philosophy. The philosophical will to truth opens the door to nihilism, since it both makes identifying truth the utmost aim and yet continually calls it into question.

Baker develops the central insight that the crises of truth and of existence, or 'loss of world', that occur within nihilistic thought are inseparable, in a wide-ranging study from antiquity to the present, from ancient Cynics, St Paul, Nietzsche, Heidegger, Foucault, Agamben, and Badiou.

Baker contends that since nihilism is always a question of the relation to the world occasioned by the philosophical will to truth, an answer to nihilism must be able to propose a new understanding of truth.


Chapter 1. The True World

Chapter 2. Cynic Nihilism

Chapter 3. Paul’s World

Chapter 4. Paul: Nihilist or Overman?

Chapter 5. Nietzsche’s World

Chapter 6. Heidegger’s World

Chapter 7. Parrhēsia


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