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Permanent Markers: Spiritual Life Skills to Write on Your Kids’ Hearts

Permanent Markers: Spiritual Life Skills to Write on Your Kids’ Hearts

A You-Can-Totally-Do-This Guide to Teaching Spiritual Life Skills That Last.

As mom to a work-in-progress family of six, author Janel Breitenstein knows too well the chaos of life with the lid off. She understands how skeptical you are of shoehorning more into carpool-packed days and just trying to get kids to put socks in the hamper.

But as a missionary, she also understands the urgent need to cultivate unerasable habits that prepare kids for a bold relationship with Jesus.

If you’re a parent looking for doable, out-of-the-box ways to disciple your children, Permanent Markers is a resource you’ll seek again and again. Find…

  • age-appropriate, uber-easy ideas and activities that will draw kids toward God
  • questions to kickstart meaningful conversations, along with journaling prompts for both you and your kids
  • hands-on life skills for teaching kids what the world often rejects—like community, self-control, humility, and Christ-anchored identity
  • small-group discussion questions and lists of additional resources

Permanent Markers empowers you to engage kids in vibrant spirituality, leaving this work of art up to God. You’ll find a practical, fun handbook for the most vital, eternal part of parenting.

Introduction: The Need to Know

Chapter 1. Identity: Who Do You Think You Are?

Chapter 2. Prayer: Listening Up

Chapter 3. Self-Control: The Power of What We Don’t Do

Chapter 4. Meditation: On Keeping Quiet

Chapter 5. Studying God’s Word: Learning to Feed Ourselves

Chapter 6. Simplicity: When Less Is So Much More

Chapter 7. Holy Sexuality: We Are Worth More Than This

Chapter 8. Community: Almost Home

Chapter 9. Discernment: Sorting the Skittles

Chapter 10. Service: Downward Mobility

Chapter 11. Sharing Our Faith: Loving Them This Much

Chapter 12. Resilience: Your Child, Stronger

Chapter 13. Respecting Authority: Stepping Down

Chapter 14. Confession and Repentance: Regrets Only

Chapter 15. Adoration: The Song That Never Ends

Chapter 16. Celebrating the Wins

Group Discussion Guide


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