She had an idea about having sex in all the states. So they did that, they did it in Illinois, they did it in Michigan, they did it in Indiana on the way to Michigan, they did it in Wisconsin, Iowa, and Nebraska, they went west and did it in New Mexico, Nevada, California, Oregon, and Washington, they circled back to do it in Oklahoma, they did it in Missouri or Kansas, one of those, they took it down to Texas, and then they did it back east in Maryland, Delaware, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York. Also Canada one time. They could have done it in Massachusetts, twice, but they didn’t. They might have done it in West Virginia but she can’t remember. He told her she was sexmerizing. They did it in the woods of New Mexico and they did it on the California Zephyr, and they did it standing up and sitting down and sideways and on beds and sofas and floors. They tried to do it in all the rooms of their house but usually ended up in the bedroom maybe because that’s where the lube was. They never stopped doing it, but we won’t say it was as often as they did the first few years. They did it the night before he left.

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