She wanted to paint her office and the closet. He said it had to be done a certain way. She waited for him to do it. He had other things to do on the house, he worked, there was only so much time, he moved out. She will paint the office and the closet. She will patch and sand and paint. She chooses, impulsively, unlikely colors even for her, a Tiffany Blue for the closet, a bright orangey yellow for the office. Colors that would surely not be approved. She paints the office and the closet, gets paint on the trim, on the ceiling. It would be cool if that were on purpose even a little but it isn’t. It basically looks fine. And he doesn’t live there now. But he will see it. He will see it and he will hate it. He emails to schedule a time to pick up some clothes when she’s not there, and after he leaves he emails again to say he really likes the paint colors she chose.

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