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Suddenly Hybrid: Managing the Modern Meeting

Suddenly Hybrid: Managing the Modern Meeting

Discover the challenges and opportunities of hybrid meetings with this science-based guide from an Emmy-award winning communications expert and renowned organizational psychologist.

As remote work becomes less of an unusual exception and more of an everyday necessity, hybrid meetings―meetings in which some attendees are physically present while others are virtually present―are becoming the norm.

In Suddenly Hybrid: Managing the Modern Meeting, Emmy award-winning communications expert Karin Reed and veteran industrial and organizational psychologist Dr. Joseph A. Allen deliver a practical and actionable framework for attending, hosting, and managing hybrid meetings. The authors draw from their extensive experience in research and business, as well as firsthand stories and up-to-date studies, to offer a guide that’s grounded in science and proven in the real world. You’ll learn about:

  • Best practices based on research from the height of the pandemic and the unexpected paradigm shifts that resulted.
  • The challenges and opportunities presented by the trend towards hybrid meetings.
  • New research insights gathered from those early in the transition to hybrid meetings, as well as those who are well on their way to implementing a complete framework.

Perfect for senior business leaders, managers, and even individual contributors, Suddenly Hybrid: Managing the Modern Meeting is required reading for anyone expected to organize, host, or attend virtual or hybrid meetings in their workplace or school.

Part One: From Suddenly Virtual to Suddenly Hybrid

Chapter 1. The Inevitability and Promise of Hybrid Meetings

Chapter 2. Considering Meeting Modalities

Chapter 3. Lessons Learned from Our “Suddenly Virtual” Work Life

Chapter 4. New Insights: A Recalibration of Video Use

Part Two: Leading a Hybrid Meeting

Chapter 5. The Complex Communication Network Environment

Chapter 6. Strategies for Running a Hybrid Meeting

Chapter 7. Potential Pitfalls When Leading a Hybrid Meeting

Part Three: Participating with Impact – The Attendee's Turn

Chapter 8. Being Seen and Heard in Hybrid Meetings

Chapter 9. Creating Team Meeting Ground Rules

Part Four: Power Up – Tools to Bridge the Physical and Virtual Workplaces

Chapter 10. Creating Presence for All

Chapter 11. Enabling Collaboration for All

Part Five: Setting Expectations

Chapter 12. Skill Up for Hybrid Collaboration Success

Chapter 13. Signs of a Healthy Hybrid Transition

Conclusion: What to Focus on When the Future Still Seems Blurry

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