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The Brotherhood: The Secret World of the Freemasons

The Brotherhood: The Secret World of the Freemasons

Written by the grandson of a high-ranking Mason, "The Brotherhood" is a fascinating look inside the enigmatic institution. Starting with a detailed look at the visible structure of international Freemasonry and the myths and legends that surround it, this book moves on to examine the meaning of Freemasonry - its mythological and real history, its social context, and the symbolism and philosophy that illuminate every aspect of the Craft. Finally, this book examines the current state of Freemasonry today, including some of the scandals and intrigues that have become associated with it, and the trials facing the ancient order as it approaches the challenges of the twenty-first century. This book includes features on famous Masons of the past and present.


Chaper 1. Origins

Chaper 2. Metamorphosis

Chaper 3. Schism and Reunion

Chaper 4. Across the Seas and Down the Centuries

Chaper 5. The Thirty-Third Degree

Chaper 6. The Great Debate

Chaper 7. The Men at the Top

Chaper 8. Worshipful Masters of Conspiracy

Chaper 9. Operation Countryman

Chaper 10. The Brotherhood Misjudged

Chaper 11. Birmingham City Police

Chaper 12. Conclusion

Chaper 13. The Rabbi's Tale

Chaper 14. Five Masters and a Lewis

Chaper 15. Jobs For the Brethren?

Chaper 16. The Dissidents

Chaper 17. The System

Chaper 18. The Two-Edged Sword

Chaper 19. The Mason Poisoner

Chaper 20. Barristers and Judges

Chaper 21. Solicitors

Chaper 22. Government

Chaper 23. The Highest in the Land

Chaper 24. The City of London

Chaper 25. The Devil in Disguise?

Chaper 26. The Italian Crisis

Chaper 27. The Chinaman Report

Chaper 28. The Threat to Britain


Appendix: Information For Candidates

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