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The Secret History of the World

The Secret History of the World

Here for the first time is a complete history of the world, from the beginning of time to the present day, based on the beliefs and writings of the secret societies. From the esoteric account of the evolution of the species to the occult roots of science, from the secrets of the Flood to the esoteric motives behind American foreign policy, here is a narrative history that shows the basic facts of human existence on this planet can be viewed from a very different angle. Everything in this history is upside down, inside out and the other way around.


Chapter 1: In The Beginning God Peers at His Reflection • The Looking-Glass Universe

Chapter 2: A Short Walk in the Ancient Woods Imagining Ourselves into the Minds of the Ancients

Chapter 3: The Garden of Eden The Genesis Code • Enter the Dark Lord • The Flower People

Chapter 4: Lucifer, The Light of the World The Apple of Desire • A War in Heaven • The Secrets of the Days of the Week

Chapter 5: The Gods who Loved Women The Nephilim • The Genetic Engineering of Humankind • The Fish Gods • The Original History of the Origin of the Species

Chapter 6: The Assassination of the Green King Isis and Osiris • The Cave of the Skull • The Palladium

Chapter 7: The Age of Demi-Gods and Heroes The Ancient Ones • The Amazons • Enoch • Hercules, Theseus and Jason

Chapter 8: The Sphinx and the Timelock Orpheus • Daedalus, the First Scientist • Job • Solving the Riddle of the Sphinx

Chapter 9: The Neolithic Alexander the Great Noah and the Myth of Atlantis • Tibet • Rama’s Conquest of India • The Yoga Sutras of Pantanjali

Chapter 10: The Way of the Wizard Zarathustra’s Battle Against the Powers of Darkness • The Life and Death of Krishna the Shepherd • The Dawn of the Dark Age

Chapter 11: Getting to Grips with Matter Imhotep and the Age of the Pyramids • Gilgamesh and Enkidu • Abraham and Melchizedek

Chapter 12: The Descent into Darkness Moses and the Cabala • Akhenaten and Satan • Solomon, Sheba and Hiram • King Arthur and the Crown Chakra

Chapter 13: Reason - and How to Rise Above it Elijah and Elisha • Isaiah • Esoteric Buddhism • Pythagoras • Lao Tzu

Chapter 14: The Mysteries of Greece and Rome The Eleusian Mysteries • Socrates and his Daemon • Plato as a Magus • The Divine Identity of Alexander the Great • The Caesars and Cicero • The Rise of the Magi

Chapter 15: The Sun God Returns The Two Jesus Children • The Cosmic Mission • Crucifixion in South America • The Mystic Marriage of Mary Magdalene

Chapter 16: The Tyranny of the Fathers The Gnostics and the Neoplatonists • The Murder of Hypatia • Attila and Shamanism • A Touch of Zen

Chapter 17: The Age of Islam Mohammed and Gabriel • The Old Man of the Mountains • Haroun al Raschid and the Arabian Nights • Charlemagne and the Historic Parsifal • Chartres Cathedral

Chapter 18: The Wise Demon of the Templars The Prophecies of Joachim • The Loves of Ramón Lull • St Francis and the Buddha • Roger Bacon Mocks Thomas Aquinas • The Templars Worship Baphomet

Chapter 19: Fools for Love Dante, the Troubadors and Falling in Love for the First Time • Raphael, Leonardo and the Magi of Renaissance Italy • Joan of Arc • Rabelais and the Way of the Fool

Chapter 20: The Green One behind the Worlds Columbus • Don Quixote • William Shakespeare, Francis Bacon and the Green One

Chapter 21: The Rosicrucian Age The German Brotherhoods • Christian Rosenkreuz • Hieronymus Bosch • The Secret Mission of Dr Dee

Chapter 22: Occult Catholicism Jacob Boehme • The Conquistadors and the Counter-Reformation • Teresa, John of the Cross and Ignatius • The Rosicrucian Manifestoes • The Battle of White Mountain

Chapter 23: The Occult Roots of Science Isaac Newton • The Secret Mission of Freemasonry • Elias Ashmole and the Chain of Transmission • What Really Happens in Alchemy

Chapter 24: The Age of Freemasonry Christopher Wren • John Evelyn and the Alphabet of Desire • The Triumph of Materialism • George Washington and the Secret Plan for the New Atlantis

Chapter 25: The Mystical-Sexual Revolution Cardinal Richelieu • Cagliostro • The Secret Identity of the Comte de St Germain • Swedenborg, Blake and the Sexual Roots of Romanticism

Chapter 26: The Illuminati and the Rise of Unreason The Illuminati and the Battle for the Soul of Freemasonry • Occult Roots of the French Revolution • Napoleon’s Star • Occultism and the Rise of the Novel

Chapter 27: The Mystic Death of Humanity Swedenborg and Dostoyevsky • Wagner • Freud, Jung and the Materializing of Esoteric Thought • The Occult Roots of Modernism • Occult Bolshevism • Gandhi

Chapter 28: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday The Anti-Christ • Re-entering the Ancient Wood • The Maitreya Buddha • The Opening of the Seven Seals • The New Jerusalem

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