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The Pursuit of History

The Pursuit of History

The essential introduction to the practice of history - revised with new features to ensure it is even more popular with students.

Tosh is consistently the best-selling Longman History textbook.

The last 3 editions have achieved total sales of over 83,000 copies.

The use of photos of significant people and events help make the text more lively.

New layout and design enables readers to understand themes more quickly.

Preface to the Fifth Edition

Chapter 1. Historical awareness

Chapter 2. The uses of history

Chapter 3. Mapping the field

Chapter 4. The raw materials

Chapter 5. Using the sources

Chapter 6. Writing and interpretation

Chapter 7. The limits of historical knowledge

Chapter 8. History and social theory

Chapter 9. Cultural evidence and the cultural turn

Chapter 10. Gender history and postcolonial history

Chapter 11. Memory and the spoken word


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