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Your Evolving Soul: The Cosmic Spirituality of the Urantia Revelation

Your Evolving Soul: The Cosmic Spirituality of the Urantia Revelation

Sparks of genuine revelation are contained in many religions and esoteric systems. Your Evolving Soul declares that we've been graced with a new revelation for our time: the little-known Urantia Book, which has quietly sold over one million copies in a dozen languages. According to the author of this comparative analysis, the disclosures about self, soul, and spirit in the Urantia Revelation stand alone in their coherence and richness of detail. Your Evolving Soul is the first book to fully explain this advanced teaching for the ordinary reader, offering clarity and inspiration for those on any path.

Belitsos compares the Urantia Book's futuristic teachings about the threefold design of the human self-system to the models of selfhood proposed by many previous thinkers, ranging from from Plato and Saint Augustine to Carl Jung and Ken Wilber. He provides essential context for this discussion by illumining the relationship of the Urantia text to scientific psychology and to the world's religions, with special emphasis on Christianity and Buddhism. Your Evolving Soul also provides an introduction to the cosmology, theology, and philosophy of the Urantia teaching, and reveals its many affinities with contemporary integral theory and modern theology.

Through his lucid interpretation of the Urantia Revelation, the author offers a model of the human self and soul to be tested, examined, and compared--not a finished truth to be accepted as doctrine. Readers of this book will discover a plausible hypothesis of how our evolving soul becomes an immortal vehicle of our true identity. They also learn how our soul-making decisions can lead to the development of a creative, loving, unified, and perfected personality, now and into the afterlife.


Part I: Introducing an Epochal Revelation

Chapter 1. Soul Glimpses: Poetic and Paranormal

Chapter 2. The Grand Cosmos: A Universal Theater for Soul Evolution

Part II: Self and Soul in the Urantia Revelation

Chapter 3. The Synthesis Hypothesis

Chapter 4. Cosmic Individuation: The Circles of Self-Perfecting

Part III: A History of Self and Soul-East and West

Chapter 5. Early Beliefs about Self and Soul

Chapter 6. Gnosticism, Eastern Christianity, and the The Urantia Book

Chapter 7. Self and Soul in Modernity and Beyond

Part IV: Foundations of Cosmic Spirituality

Chapter 8. The Nature of Personality Reality

Chapter 9. The Gift of the Divine Indwelling

Chapter 10. Cultivating Contact with Spirit

Chapter 11. Evolutionary Deity and Cosmic Spirituality

Special Supplement on the Urantia Revelation

Section 1. An Apologia

Section 2. Key Celestial Authors of the UB

Section 3. Human Sources for the Urantia Revelation

Section 4. The Origin Story of the Urantia Papers

Section 5. The Historicity of Revelation


Appendix A. Urantia Cosmology and Current Astrophysics

Appendix B. Mother Spirit and Christ Michael: Local Universe Representatives of the Trinity

Appendix C. Some Core Contributions of Ken Wilber

Appendix D. The Quantum Plenum and Space Potency

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