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A Guide to Writing College Admissions Essays: Practical Advice for Students and Parents

A Guide to Writing College Admissions Essays: Practical Advice for Students and Parents

This book is a guide for students writing their college admissions essays, primarily the 650-word Common App essay and supplementary essays that many schools require as part of their admission applications. With more students applying to college, and those students applying to more schools than ever before, college admission selection is far more competitive than in the past and the college essay is a key component.

We offer suggestions on good topics to write about without getting too specific (and just as importantly what not to write about), vital tips on writing approach, grammar, and usage. This guide can be for anyone who wants to write better, more clearly and crisply. If used properly, this book will help you craft a readable, interesting essay that will attract the college admissions reader by giving you a creative voice and the means to express yourself. No guarantees, but it just might make a difference in the final admission process.



Chapter 1. Starting Out: Confronting the Blank Screen

Chapter 2. The First Step: Picking a Prompt

Chapter 3. What to Do and What Not to Do When You Begin Writing

Chapter 4. More Advice as You Write

Chapter 5. The Prompts and Some Illustrative Essays

Chapter 6. The Supplemental Essay

Chapter 7. Special Creative Questions

Chapter 8. Special Usage Rules for College Essays

Chapter 9. Special Usage Rules II

Chapter 10. Editing

Chapter 11. An Interview with an Experienced College Counselor

Chapter 12. You Hit the Submit Button. Now What?

Chapter 13. What if You Don’t Get Your First Choice? A Final Hint: Life Doesn’t End

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