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Medieval History for Dummies 1st Edition

Medieval History for Dummies 1st Edition

Is your knowledge of The Crusades less than tip-top? Maybe you're curious about Columbus, or you're desperate to read about the Black Death in all its gory detail? Whatever your starting point, this expert guide has it all - from kings, knights and anti-Popes, to invasion, famine, the Magna Carta and Joan of Arc (and a few rebellious peasants thrown in for good measure!). Get ready for a rip-roaring ride through the political, religious and cultural life of the Middle Ages, one of the most talked-about periods in history.


Part I - Starting Up the Middle Ages (450-800)

Chapter 1. Journeying Back to the Middle Ages: When, Where, What, Who?

Chapter 2. Finishing Off the Roman Empire and Entering the (Not So) Dark Ages

Chapter 3. Settling in England with the Anglo-Saxons

Chapter 4. Organising Early France & Germany: The Merovingians and Carolingians

Chapter 5. Becoming Great: Charlemagne and the New Roman Empire

Part II - Forming the Basis of Europe (800-1100)

Chapter 6. Laying the Foundations of Europe

Chapter 7. Linking East and West: Islam in Europe

Chapter 8. Invading from the North: The Vikings

Chapter 9. Splitting the Church: Schisms between East and West

Chapter 10. Revving Up the 'Real' Middle Ages with the Normans

Part III - Waging Holy War: Crusading at Home and Abroad (1050-1300)

Chapter 11. Uncovering the Origins of the Crusades

Chapter 12. Waging the First Crusade: 1096-1099

Chapter 13. Struggling for Power: Popes Versus Monarchs

Chapter 14. Waging the Second Crusade and Crusading at Home

Chapter 15. Pitting Richard I Against Saladin: The Third Crusade

Chapter 16. Following the Fourth Crusade and Other Failures

Part IV - Dealing with Domestic Dramas: Parliament, Priories and Plagues (1200-1300)

Chapter 17. Having Trouble in England: John, Henry III and Edward I

Chapter 18. Meeting Medieval Monks and Merchants

Chapter 19. Piling On the Popes: Avignon and the Antipopes

Chapter 20. Facing God's Judgement: Dealing with the Black Death

Part V - Ending the Middle and Beginning the Age of Discovery (1300-1492)

Chapter 21. Beginning One Hundred Years of War

Chapter 22. Pausing the War: Dealing with Unrest at Home

Chapter 23. Turning the Tide of War (Twice!): Henry V and Joan of Arc

Chapter 24. Moving On from the Medieval Era

Part VI - The Part of Tens

Chapter 25. Ten Rubbish Rulers

Chapter 26. Ten Medieval Pastimes

Chapter 27. Ten Great Castles

Chapter 28. Ten Medieval People Who Changed the World

Chapter 29. Ten Great Medieval Innovations

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