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Rewriting Articles: 7 Tips to Make it Better than the Original

Knowing how to rewrite is as much an essential aspect as creating fresh content for any purpose. Editing and redrafting is often the best way to rehash existing information but make it appear differently or with a new perspective.

Editors and writing experts both require knowing how to rewrite to save time, produce better quality, and meet deadlines. With a bit of practice and guidance, you set yourself on the right path and help add a skill to your kitty.


Keep your originality intact

The first and perhaps most important thing to do is keep your thoughts and originality intact. Re-writing does not mean moving a few words here and there, and it is about giving a wholly fresh and individual perspective to the topic you're writing on.

Consider the original article as your guide, read it several times and understand the thought behind it. As you begin to write, use these thoughts and put them into the right words, and use the correct sentiment to put your point across to the readers.

Paraphrase completely

A thumb rule of rewriting does not mean that it is just a shift of words from here to there. Paraphrasing is the key to getting it right. Take your content piece paragraph by paragraph. Read it once, gather your thoughts and begin to write them.

This way, the original content simply acts as a guide to writing what you believe and understand. Read a paragraph thoroughly, and move on only after you've revised it and made changes as needed.

Look for more information

You may have a content piece at hand, and you know you have to write about a similar topic, but that must not restrict research. Read up similar pieces, blogs and gather your data before you read. This research will give you a more detailed understanding and equip you to write better and be more original with your content, even when rewriting.

Add subheads for clear descriptions

Dividing the content into easy subheads or subsections is an excellent way to present the original piece in a new format. It also gives your rewriting a polished look and helps attain the quality desired through your writing.

It is good to make these subheadings creative and thoughtful and follow them up with crisp, clear, and to-the-point content. This saves the readers time and puts your thoughts forward.

Rewriting services for students

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Take visual support

While not completely advice related to rewriting content, it is a smart way to represent content/information already present or shared on other websites/sources. For example, if your content has data value, think of using designs and infographics that easily highlight the critical points in your piece of writing. Visual support does go a long way in catching the reader's attention.

Use tools to enhance quality

Rewriting a piece of content can be done better with the help of some self-help tools that fix grammar, vocabulary, and sentence structures. Put your thoughts in one place, start rewriting and once your draft is ready, use a tool to fine-tune and fix all errors.

You cannot impact if you have a written piece that may have grammatical errors, punctuation mistakes, or the use of wrong words that may not fit with the subject.

Revise, and revise again

Proofreading is an essential step that you must not miss even when you are rewriting content. It is easy to skip the proofreading part and jump to directly sending the piece to the reader. Proofreading is important to avoid repetition, broken sentences, or unclear thoughts.

Sometimes, we miss these points when we are rehashing content, as it may seem unnecessary or come across as an extra step, but it is of utmost importance.


Remember that rewriting content means that you are taking ideas and thoughts as inspirations. Rewriting is not a play or copy-paste of words. It is about using it as a ready template or direction. Ensure that you use good grammar, use clear sentences and avoid jargon to avoid confusion or deviating from the main topic or subject of importance. Seek help from people around you to read your draft and offer suggestions.

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