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The Complete Idiot's Guide to World History

The Complete Idiot's Guide to World History

Which societies are the most important? Which periods of time saw the most change? How have cultures differed and remained the same across this vast time and space? This guide gives readers the whole world, and then some! Including key ideas as well as lesser- known facts, salient quotes, and crucial terms defined, it prepares readers not only to excel in exams but to become 21st century citizens of the world.

Part 1 - The Beginnings and Foundations of Civilization

Chapter 1. The Building Blocks of Civilization

Chapter 2. First Civilizations of Africa and Western Asia

Chapter 3. Ancient and Classic China

Chapter 4. Ancient and Classic India

Chapter 5. Classic Greece

Chapter 6. When in Rome

Part 2 - After the Classics

Chapter 7. Islam and Africa

Chapter 8. The Byzantine Empire and Russia

Chapter 9. Rebirth in China

Chapter 10. Chinese Culture Spreads in East Asia

Chapter 11. The Mongols Rule!

Chapter 12. Those Terrible Middle Ages

Chapter 13. America on the Eve of Invasion

Part 3 - The World Gets Much Smaller

Chapter 14. Back to Islam

Chapter 15. As the World Shrinks: South Asia

Chapter 16. Exploration or Exploitation?

Chapter 17. Religion and Reformation

Chapter 18. Science and Philosophy Brighten Things Up

Part 4 - Western Domination

Chapter 19. Revolutions

Chapter 20. The Industrial Revolution

Chapter 21. Revolutions and Reactions

Chapter 22. Imperialism

Part 5 - The Twentieth Century and Beyond

Chapter 23. The War to End All Wars

Chapter 24. A Time of Uncertainty

Chapter 25. World War II and the End of European Dominance

Chapter 26. The Cold War

Chapter 27. Out from the Shadows

Chapter 28. Where Do We Go from Here?

Appendix A: Glossary

Appendix B: The Major Events of World History

Appendix C: Important People, Places, and Things to Know

Appendix D: Go Deep: Further Readings in World History

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