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The Romans For Dummies 1st Edition

The Romans For Dummies 1st Edition

"A must for anyone interested in the Roman Empire and its impact on world history."
―Tony Robinson star of Blackadder and Time Team.

This entertaining and informative guide introduces readers to the amazing world of ancient Rome and its emperors, epic wars, awesome architecture, heroes, and villains. With a complete rundown of Roman history alongside fascinating insights into the lives of everyday Romans, readers will discover the amazing people and events involved in the rise and fall of one of the greatest of all ancient civilisations and how its influence can still be felt around the world today.


Part I - Romans - The Big Boys of the Ancient World

Chapter 1. The Romans: Shaping Their World and Ours

Chapter 2. It's the Cash That Counts: Roman Social Classes

Chapter 3. Stairway to the Stars: The Greasy Path to Power

Chapter 4. Rural Bliss - Roman Dreamland

Chapter 5. When We Were Soldiers

Part II - Living the Good Life

Chapter 6. The Urban Jungle

Chapter 7. Making the Roman Machine Work

Chapter 8. Entertainments: Epic and Domestic

Chapter 9. Divine Intervention

Part III - The Rise of Rome

Chapter 10. Kings? No, Maybe Not - Republicans

Chapter 11. This Town Isn't Big Enough for All of Us - Seizing Italy

Chapter 12. Carthage and the First Two Punic Wars

Chapter 13. While We're at It - Let's Conquer Everywhere Else, Too

Part IV - When Romans Ruled the World

Chapter 14. Reform and Civil War

Chapter 15. Daggers Drawn - The Fall of the Republic

Chapter 16. Augustus and the Caesars - Plots, Perverts, and Paranoia

Chapter 17. The Five Good Emperors

Part V - Throwing the Empire Away

Chapter 18. More Civil War, Auctioning the Empire, and Paranoid Lunatics

Chapter 19. The Age of the Thug - The Third Century's Soldier Emperors

Chapter 20. East Is East and West Is West: Diocletian and Constantine

Chapter 21. The Barbarians Are Coming! The End of Rome

Part VI - The Part of Tens

Chapter 22. Ten Turning Points in Roman History

Chapter 23. Ten Interesting and Occasionally Good Romans

Chapter 24. Ten (Mostly) Bad Romans

Chapter 25. Ten of Rome's Greatest Enemies

Chapter 26. Ten (or So) Great Roman Places to Visit

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