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The Templar Code For Dummies 1st Edition

The Templar Code For Dummies 1st Edition

A captivating look into the society of the Knights Templar

Brought to you by the author of Freemasons For Dummies, The Templar Code is more than an intriguing cipher or a mysterious symbol – it is the Code by which the Knights Templar lived and died, the Code that bound them together in secrecy, and the Code that inspired them to nearly superhuman feats of courage and endurance. The Templar Code for Dummies reveals the meaning behind the cryptic codes and secret rituals of the medieval brotherhood of warrior monks known as the Knights Templar. This intriguing guide will cover such topics as who the Knights Templar were, how they rose so high and fell so far, and most importantly why there is so much interest in them today. The Templar Code For Dummies will explore myths and theories of Christian history that appear in the Da Vinci Code such as the quest for the Holy Grail, the Catholic Church's relationship with women that are hotly debated now with special emphasis on the Templar connection. It also explores the surprising part the Templars have played in some of the most important historic events of these past seven centuries, including the French Revolution, the birth of groups such as the Freemasons, and even the American Civil War.


Part I - The Knights Templar and the Crusades

Chapter 1. Defining the Templar Code

Chapter 2. A Crash Course in Crusading

Chapter 3. The Rise of the Knights Templar

Part II - A Different Kind of Knighthood

Chapter 4. Living in a Templar World

Chapter 5. The Poor Knights Crash and Burn: The Fall of the Templars

Chapter 6. Cold Case Files: The Evidence against the Templars

Part III - After the Fall of the Templars

Chapter 7. Templars Survive in Legend and in Fact

Chapter 8. "Born in Blood": Freemasonry and the Templars

Chapter 9. Modern-Day Templars

Part IV - Templars and the Grail

Chapter 10. The Templars and the Quest for the Holy Grail

Chapter 11. The 21st Century Dawns with a New Grail Myth

Part V - Squaring Off: The Church versus the Gospel According to Dan Brown

Chapter 12. Templars and The Da Vinci Code

Chapter 13. The Suppression of the "Feminine Divine": Truth or Feminist Fiction?

Chapter 14. Getting Our Acts Together: Constantine and the Council of Nicaea

Part VI - The Part of Tens

Chapter 15. Ten Candidates for the Site of the Holy Grail

Chapter 16. Ten Absolutely Must-See Templar Sites

Chapter 17. Ten Places That May Be Hiding the Templar Treasure

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