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America in the Gilded Age

America in the Gilded Age

The third and updated edition of the classic account of America in the latter half of the nineteenth century.

When the first edition of America in the Gilded Age was published in 1984, it soon acquired the status of a classic, and was widely acknowledged as the first comprehensive account of the latter half of the nineteenth century to appear in many years. Sean Dennis Cashman traces the political and social saga of America as it passed through the momentous transformation of the Industrial Revolution and the settlement of the West. Revised and extended chapters focusing on immigration, labor, the great cities, and the American Renaissance are accompanied by a wealth of augmented and enhanced illustrations, many new to this addition.

Preface to the New Edition

Part One: The Sight and Sound of Industrial America

Chapter 1. Industrial Spring

Chapter 2. Titans at War: The Industrial Legacy of Rockefeller, Carnegie, and Morgan

Chapter 3. Exodus to a Promised hand

Chapter 4. The Sorrows of Labor

Chapter 5. Not since Nineveh: Tall Stories and Tales of Two Cities

Chapter 6. Midsummer of the American Renaissance

Part Two: Politics and Discontent

Chapter 7. Reconstruction and the New South

Chapter 8. The Last Refuge of a Scoundrel

Chapter 9. Opening the West and Closing the Frontier

Chapter 10. Gates of Silver and Bars of Gold

Chapter 11. War and Empire

Chapter 12. The Dawn of a Progressive Age


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