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Asian American Histories of the United States

Asian American Histories of the United States

An inclusive and landmark history, emphasizing how essential Asian American experiences are to any understanding of US history.

Original and expansive, Asian American Histories of the United States is a nearly 200-year history of Asian migration, labor, and community formation in the US. Reckoning with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and the surge in anti-Asian hate and violence, award-winning historian Catherine Ceniza Choy presents an urgent social history of the fastest growing group of Americans. The book features the lived experiences and diverse voices of immigrants, refugees, US-born Asian Americans, multiracial Americans, and workers from industries spanning agriculture to healthcare.

Despite significant Asian American breakthroughs in American politics, arts, and popular culture in the twenty-first century, a profound lack of understanding of Asian American history permeates American culture. Choy traces how anti-Asian violence and its intersection with misogyny and other forms of hatred, the erasure of Asian American experiences and contributions, and Asian American resistance to what has been omitted are prominent themes in Asian American history. This ambitious book is fundamental to understanding the American experience and its existential crises of the early twenty-first century.

Preface. Writing in the Years of Great Hatred

Introduction. The Multiple Origins of Asian American Histories

Chapter 1. 2020: The Health of the Nation

Chapter 2. 1975: Trauma and Transformation

Chapter 3. 1968: What’s in the Name “Asian American”?

Chapter 4. 1965: The Many Faces of Post-1965 Asian America

Interlude. 1965 Reprise: The Faces Behind the Food

Chapter 5. 1953: Mixed Race Lives

Chapter 6. 1941 and 1942: The Days That You Remember

Chapter 7. 1919: Declaration of Independence

Chapter 8. 1875: Homage

Conclusion. 1869: These Wounds


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