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Brief History Of Astronomy And Astrophysics

Brief History Of Astronomy And Astrophysics

"Lang employs an intriguing style to trace the development of our knowledge of the forces that control our universe by providing brief biographical sketches of the scientists whose contributions were central to this progress. This approach contributes to the easy flow of the narrative. It also enables an examination of how many scientists wrestled with the question of whether the existence of our universe stems from an act of a supreme being." CHOICE This book traces out the unfolding history of important discoveries in astronomy and astrophysics, and anchors our present understanding of the Universe within the findings and personalities of accomplished astronomers. They have used telescopes and instruments to extend our vision to places that cannot be seen with the unaided eye, discovered a host of unanticipated objects, found out how various parts of the night sky are related, and discovered that the Universe is larger, more complex, and older than has been previously thought. This comprehensive historical approach to the present state of astronomy is a unique aspect of the book.


Part I: Everything Moves

Chapter 1. The Earth Moves

Chapter 2. Gravity Guides Movement and Bends Space-Time

Chapter 3. Motion within Matter

Chapter 4. How Light Moves Through Space and Interacts with Matter

Chapter 5. The Stars are Moving

Chapter 6. The Universe is Expanding and Breaking Away

Part II: Nothing Stays the Same

Chapter 7. Natural History of the Stars

Chapter 8. How the Sun and Planets Came into Being

Chapter 9. The Ways Stars Shine

Chapter 10. The Paths of Stellar Life

Chapter 11. The Ways Stars Die

Chapter 12. Darkness Made Visible

Chapter 13. Primordial Light

Chapter 14. The Origin of the Chemical Elements

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