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Exploring American Histories, Volume 1: To 1877

Exploring American Histories, Volume 1: To 1877

Exploring American Histories offers an entirely new approach to teaching the U.S. survey that puts investigating sources and thinking about the many stories of American history right at the center of your course. The distinctive format integrates primary documents and a brief narrative into one cost-effective and easy-to-use volume.Exploring American Histories features Bedford/St. Martin’s new digital history tools, including LearningCurve, an adaptive quizzing engine that garners over a 90% student satisfaction rate, and LaunchPad, the all new interactive e-book and course space that puts high quality easy-to-use assessment at your fingertips. Easy to integrate into your campus LMS, and featuring video, additional primary sources, a wealth of adaptive and summative quizzing, and more, LaunchPad cements student understanding of the text while helping them make progress toward learning outcomes. It’s the best content joined up with the best technology. Available in combined and split volumes and in a number of affordable print and digital formats.


Chapter 1: Mapping Global Frontiers to 1585

Native Peoples in the Americas

Europe Expands Its Reach

Worlds Collide

Europeans Make Claims to North America

Conclusion: A New America

Chapter 2: Colonization and Conflicts 1550-1680

Religious and Imperial Transformations

The English Seek an Empire

Pilgrims and Puritans settle New England

Conclusion: European Empires in North America

Chapter 3: Global Changes Reshape Colonial America 1680-1750

Europeans Expand Their claims

European Wars and American Consequences

The Benefits and costs of Empire

Labor in North America

Conclusion: Changing Fortunes in British North America

Chapter 4: Religious Strife and Social Upheavals 1680-1750

An Ungodly Society?

Family and Household Dynamics

Diversity and competition in colonial society

Religious Awakenings

Political Awakenings

Conclusion: A Divided Society

Chapter 5: Wars and Empires 1750-1774

A War for Empire, 1754-1763

Postwar British Policies and Colonial Unity

Resistance to Britain Intensifies

Conclusion: Liberty within Empire

Chapter 6: Revolutions 1775-1783

The Question of Independence

Choosing Sides

Fighting for Independence

Governing in Revolutionary Times

Winning the War and the Peace

Conclusion: Legacies of the Revolution

Chapter 7: Political Cultures 1783-1800

Postwar Problems

On the Political Margins

Reframing the American Government

Years of Crisis, 1792-1796

The First Party System

Conclusion: A Young Nation Comes of Age

Chapter 8: New Frontiers 1790-1820

Creating an American Identity

Extending U.S. Borders

Remaking the U.S. Economy

Conclusion: New Frontiers and New Challenges

Chapter 9: Defending and Redefining the Nation 1809-1832

Conflicts at Home and Abroad

Expanding the Economy and the Nation

Economic and Political Crises

Redefining American Democracy

Jacksonian Democracy in Action

Conclusion: The Nation Faces New Challenges

Chapter 10: Slavery Expands South and West 1830-1850

Planters Expand the Slave System

Slave Society and Culture

Planters Tighten Control

Democrats Face Political and Economic Crises

The National Government Looks to the West

Conclusion: Geographical Expansion and Political Division

Chapter 11: Social and Cultural Ferment in the North 1820-1850

It’s for Your Own Good

The Rise of Industry

Saving the Nation from Sin

Organizing for Change

Abolitionism Expands and Divides

Conclusion: From the North to the Nation

Chapter 12: Imperial Ambitions and Sectional Crises 1848-1861

Claiming the West

Expansion and the Politics of slavery

Sectional Crises Intensify

From Sectional Crisis to War

Conclusion: The Coming of the Civil War

Chapter 13: Civil War 1861-1865

The Nation Goes to War

Fighting for Union or against slavery?

War Transforms the North and the South

The Tide of War Turns

Conclusion: An Uncertain Future

Chapter 14: Emancipations and Reconstructions 1863-1877

Prelude to Reconstruction

National Reconstructions

Remaking the South

The Unmaking of Reconstruction

Conclusion: The Legacies of Reconstruction



The Constitution of The United States


Admission of States to the Union

Presidents of the United States

Glossary of Key Terms

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