Modern history

German Expressionism: Der Blaue Reiter and its legacies

German Expressionism: Der Blaue Reiter and its legacies

This book presents new research on the histories and legacies of the German Expressionist groupBlaue Reiter, the founding force behind modernist abstraction. It offers a novel perspective on familiar aspects of Expressionism and abstraction, taking seriously the inheritance of modernism for the twenty-first century.

Introduction: why does Der Blaue Reiter still matter?

Chapter 1. Is Der Blaue Reiter relevant for the twenty-first century? A discussion of anarchism, art and politics

Chapter 2. The dynamics of gendered artistic identity and creativity in Der Blaue Reiter

Chapter 3. The ‘primitive’ and the modern in Der Blaue Reiter almanac and the Folkwang Museum

Chapter 4. The ‘savages’ of Germany: a reassessment of the relationship between Der Blaue Reiter and Die Brücke

Chapter 5. Kleinkunst and Gesamtkunstwerk in Munich and Zurich: Der Blaue Reiter and Dada

Chapter 6. Type/Face: Wassily Kandinsky and Walter Benjamin on language and perception

Chapter 7. Feeling blue: Der Blaue Reiter, Francophilia and the Tate Gallery, 1960

Chapter 8. Die Tunisreise: the legacy of Der Blaue Reiter in the art of Paul Klee and Nacer Khemir

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