Modern history

History Has Many Voices

History Has Many Voices

This volume presents essays from eight scholars who trained with Robert Kingdon, a vanguard of early modern studies. He required students to go to primary sources, yet they were free to pursue their own curiosity. No matter what their approach to the sources, students were held to a high standard of thoroughness, precision, and attention to detail. This festschrift displays something of the diversity of language, source materials, methods, and visions that Kingdon encouraged in his students during his forty-year career in graduate education.

Introduction: The Past Has Many Voices

Chapter 1. Doubts about “Witches” and “Magicians” in Reginald Scot and Gabriel Naudé

Chapter 2. Alcohol and the Clergy in Traditional Europe

Chapter 3. Popes, Astrologers, and Early Modern Calendar Reform

Chapter 4. Planning Jesuit Education from Loyola to the 1599 Ratio Studiorum

Chapter 5. Laity and Liturgy in the French Reformed Tradition

Chapter 6. Reflections on a Quarter Century of Research on Women and the Reformation

Chapter 7. Rethinking the Social History of the Poor

Chapter 8. Preparing the Pastors: Theological Education and Pastoral Training in Basel

Dissertations Supervised by Robert M. Kingdon

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