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A Land With a People: Palestinians and Jews Confront Zionism

A Land With a People: Palestinians and Jews Confront Zionism

A collection of personal stories, history, poetry, and art.

A Land With a People is a book of stories, photographs and poetry which elevates rarely heard Palestinian and Jewish voices and visions. Eloquently framed with a foreword by the dynamic Palestinian legal scholar and activist, Noura Erakat, this book began as a storytelling project of Jewish Voice for Peace-New York City and subsequently transformed into a theater project performed throughout the New York City area.

Stories touch hearts, open minds, and transform our understanding of the “other”―as well as our comprehension of own roles and responsibilities― and A Land With a People emerges from this reckoning. It brings us the narratives of secular, Muslim, Christian, and queer Palestinians who endure the particular brand of settler colonialism known as Zionism. It relays the transformational journeys of Ashkenazi, Mizrahi, queer, and Palestinian Jews who have come to reject the received Zionist narrative. Unflinching in their confrontation of the power dynamics that underlie their transformation process, these writers find the courage to face what has happened to historic Palestine, and to their own families as a result. Contextualized by a detailed historical introduction and timeline charting 150 years of Palestinian and Jewish resistance to Zionism, this collection will stir emotions, provoke fresh thinking, and point to a more hopeful, loving future―one in which Palestine/Israel is seen for what it is in its entirety, as well as for what it can be.


Radical Imagination and Palestine


Why Tell These Stories?

A History

Chapter 1. Zionism’s Twilight

Displacement and Memory

Chapter 2. Nakba

Chapter 3. The Necklace

Chapter 4. The Blue Book

Chapter 5. A Place Cleared of Memory

Chapter 6. From Thriving Farmers to Hopeless Refugees

Chapter 7. Seventieth Anniversary of the Nakba: A Warm April Day in 1948 Jerusalem

Chapter 8. The Snap

Chapter 9. In the Haze of Fifty-One Days

Chapter 10. The Worst Ghosts

Chapter 11. Zionists Love Israel but They Don’t Love Jews

Chapter 12. A State for All Its Citizens

Wrestling with Identity

Chapter 13. Evolving Through and Out of Zionism (But Still Looking Back)

Chapter 14. From Brooklyn to Palestine and Back

Chapter 15. I Am the “Other”

Chapter 16. Unlearning Zionism

Chapter 17. Tatreez & Cowgirl Boots

Chapter 18. We Are Palestinians, After All

Chapter 19. From a Zionist’s Son to a JVP Activist

Chapter 20. “Turkos” in the Diaspora

Questioning Power

Chapter 21. An Israeli in New York Testifies about Zionism and BDS

Chapter 22. On Becoming an Anti-Zionist Feminist

Chapter 23. Advice before Departure at Ben Gurion

Chapter 24. Going “Home”

Chapter 25. Gaza Nights: January 2009

Repairing and Healing

Chapter 26. Seeing Zionism at Last

Chapter 27. Jerusalem Shadow

Chapter 28. Women in Black

Chapter 29. Diving into the Wreck

Chapter 30. My Only Weapon Is My Pencil

Chapter 31. And We Have a Land


JVP’s Approach to Zionism

A Timeline of Zionism

An Abbreviated History of Resistance to Zionism



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