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Nietzsche and Political Thought

Nietzsche and Political Thought

Nietzsche challenges the tenets of received political wisdom in a number of ways and his thinking contains resources for revitalising political thinking. Nietzsche and Political Thought offers fresh insights into Nietzsche's relevance for contemporary political thought in light of recent advances in research in the field and key topics in contemporary theorising about politics.

An international team of leading scholars provide vital new perspectives on both core and novel topics including justice, democratic theory, biopolitics, the multitude, political psychology, and the Enlightenment. In spite of the controversies, what becomes clear is that Nietzsche is vital for political thought and a more sensitive and nuanced approach than conventional understandings allow is required. Nietzsche continues to have a lively presence in contemporary philosophy and this book reawakens interest in the political dimension of his thinking.


Chapter 1. Nietzsche, Genealogy and Justice

Chapter 2. Nietzsche on Truth, Honesty and Responsibility in Politics

Chapter 3. Nietzsche, Naturalism and Law

Chapter 4. Movements and Motivations: Nietzsche and the Invention of Political Psychology

Chapter 5. Nietzsche’s Freedom: The Art of Agonic Perfectionism

Chapter 6. Reassessing Radical Democratic Theory in the Light of Nietzsche’s Ontology of Conflict

Chapter 7. Spinoza vs. Kant: Have I Been Understood?

Chapter 8. Kairos and Chronos: Nietzsche and the Time of the Multitude

Chapter 9. Nietzsche and the Engine of Politics

Chapter 10. Nietzsche’s Political Therapy

Chapter 11. Nietzsche’s Great Politics of the Event

Chapter 12. Nietzsche’s Immoralism and the Advent of ‘Great Politics’

Chapter 13. Nietzsche, Badiou, and Grand Politics: An Antiphilosophical Reading

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