Modern history


Central Government Organization of Major Financial System Participants


Ministry of Finance Off-Balance Sheet Debt Obligations in Co-managed Accounts


Typical Local Government Financing-related Entities


Select Bibliography

Newspapers and periodicals

21st Century Business Herald 21image

Caijing image

Financial Times

The Economic Observer image

Wall Street Journal

Websites and Information Systems


Caixin image

China Bond


People’s Bank of China

US-China Business Council

Wind Information


Yearbooks or annuals

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Agricultural Bank of China, H-share prospectus, 2010

Bank of China, annual reports, 2003–2009

China Development Bank, Prospectus, US$600 million notes due 2014

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Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, annual reports, 2003–2008

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People’s Bank of China, Financial Stability Report, 2005–2009,

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Books, articles and monographs

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