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The Oxford History of the French Revolution

The Oxford History of the French Revolution

This second edition of the most authoritative and comprehensive history of the French Revolution draws on a wealth of new research in order to reassess the greatest of all revolutions. It includes a generous chronology of events and an extended bibliographical essay providing an examination of the historiography of the Revolution. Beginning with the accession of Louis XVI in 1774, leading historian William Doyle traces the history of France through revolution, terror, and counter-terror, to the triumph of Napoleon in 1802, along the way analyzing the impact of these events in France upon the rest of Europe. He explores how a movement which began with optimism and general enthusiasm soon became a tragedy, not only for the ruling orders, but for millions of ordinary people all over Europe who paid the price for the destruction of the old political order and the struggle to establish a new one. Highly readable and meticulously researched, The Oxford History of the French Revolution will provide new insight into one of the most important events in European history.

Chapter 1. France under Louis XVI

Chapter 2. Enlightened Opinion

Chapter 3. Crisis and Collapse 1776–1788

Chapter 4. The Estates-General September 1788–July 1789

Chapter 5. The Principles of 1789 and the Reform of France

Chapter 6. The Breakdown Of the Revalutionary Consensus 1790-1791

Chapter 7. Europe and the Revolution 1788–1791

Chapter 8. The Republican Revolution October 1791–January 1793

Chapter 9. War against Europe 1792–1797

Chapter 10. The Revolt of the Provinces

Chapter 11. Government by Terror 1793–1794

Chapter 12. Thermidor 1794–1795

Chapter 13. Counter-Revolution 1789–1795

Chapter 14. The Directory 1795–1799

Chapter 15. Occupied Europe 1794–1799

Chapter 16. An End to Revolution 1799–1802

Chapter 17. The Revolution in Perspective


APPENDIX 1: Chronology of the French Revolution

APPENDIX 2: The Revolutionary Calendar

APPENDIX 3: The Revolution and its Historians

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