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Till Time's Last Sand: A History of the Bank of England 1694-2013

Till Time's Last Sand: A History of the Bank of England 1694-2013

'Not an ordinary bank, but a great engine of state, ' Adam Smith declared of the Bank of England as long ago as 1776. The Bank is now over 320 years old, and throughout almost all that time it has been central to British history. Yet to most people, despite its increasingly high profile, its history is largely unknown.

PROLOGUE: It Must Now Necessarily be a Bank

PART ONE: 1694–1815

Chapter 1: Services to the Nation

Chapter 2: A Great Engine of State

Chapter 3: A Steady and Unremitting Attention

Chapter 4: An Elderly Lady in the City

PART TWO: 1815–1914

Chapter 5: All the Obloquy

Chapter 6: The Effects of Tight Lacing

Chapter 7: Matters of Conduct and Behaviour

Chapter 8: Money Will Not Manage Itself

Chapter 9: Wonderfully Youthful in Spirit – Considering

PART THREE: 1914–46

Chapter 10: The Kipling Man

Chapter 11: Look Busy Anyway

Chapter 12: The Dogs Bark

PART FOUR: 1946–97

Chapter 13: Not a Study Group

Chapter 14: Honest Money

Chapter 15: Entering from Stage Right

Chapter 16: Sunny Offs

Chapter 17: Serious Misgivings

Chapter 18: Welcome and Long Overdue

POSTSCRIPT: You Just Don’t Know When


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