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A Glimpse of The Wars of the Roses

A Glimpse of The Wars of the Roses

The Wars of the Roses dominated the second half of the fifteenth century in England, yet the roots of this conflict lie further back in history. The civil conflict would see kings deposed, families torn apart and noble houses ruined until the most infamous royal house in history took the throne of England; the Tudors.

This book offers a brief overview of the key personalities and events that drove the Wars of the Roses, tracing the timeline from the build up to conflict, across thirty years of battles across England and finally seeks to establish when the Wars of the Roses finally ended.

A Glimpse of the Wars of the Roses is meant to provide a bite sized view of the Wars of the Roses rather than an in depth study, offering an entertaining and informative overview.

What is A Glimpse Of ... ?

Chapter 1. The Root of the Roses - The Great Families

Chapter 2. The House of Lancaster - The House of York

Chapter 3. House Beaufort - House Neville

Chapter 4. House Stafford - House Stanley - House Tudor

Chapter 5. The Foundations of Conflict - A Storm Gathers

Chapter 6. Protector and Defender of the Realm - Civil War

Chapter 7. Wounds Opened - The First Period

Chapter 8. Battle Lines - The Second Period

Chapter 9. Kingmaker, Kingbreaker - The Woodvilles - Insurgence - The Third Period

Chapter 10. Two Kings, One Crown - The Bear And The She-Wolf - Rise and Fall - The Fourth Period

Chapter 11. The Fight For The White Rose - Bosworth - The Implosion Of The House Of York - The Fifth Period

Conclusion - Further Reading

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